After sale

1. Product warranty: We provide 1 year warranty if products are used properly. If product are damaged during warranty, We will send you a replace product or full refund to you.

2. Product quanity problem: If the quantity is less than what you buy. We will send you the difference or refund the difference to you.

3. Product quality problem:
Below case we will full refund to you:
the screw is not matched with the nut
the tool is not broken during warranty
For STAINLESS STEEL item, it's rusted

4. Return & exchange:
We don't accept no reason Returned & exchanged. So please make sure you understand what you need and don't buy the wrong size screw.
If we send the wrong item to you. We will exchange the correct item to you for free or full refund to you. Please take a photo of what you receive and show us.

5. Technical support: We don't provide Technical support. Please make sure you know how to use the product before you buy.