Brand new NDL302 CATL LiFePO₄ lithium battery 302AH Grade A 1 pcs


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Lithium Battery is dangerous!
Do not charging indoor!
Make sure you are professional on it and bear all the risk yourself!

Battery Model: NDL302
Battery Brand: CATL
Battery Type: LiFePO₄ lithium battery
Battery weight: 5350g
Battery size: 208mm * 174mm * 72mm
Battery capacity: 302AH
Internal resistance: 0.22mΩ
End-of-discharge Voltage: 2.5v
End-of-charge Voltage: 3.65v
Fast Charging current: 0.5C
Max Continuous Discharge current: 2C
Cycle Life: 7500
Grade: A
Condition: Brand new

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